The Evidence

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As a result of the considerable body of scientific evidence regarding chiropractic care (spinal manipulation), clinical guidelines in both Europe and North America recommend spinal manipulation as a first "line of defence" in treating spinal conditions. Major clinical studies comparing chiropractic care of spinal ailments with other commonly used treatments have been carried out in the UK and published in the British Medical Journal. These studies have proven that chiropractic care provides excellent results and is also cost-effective.

"...chiropractic has been demonstrated to be more effective for the management of lower back pain than conventional hospital outpatient care."
British Medical Journal, 2004.

"...spinal manipulation is a cost effective addition to "best care" for back pain."
British Medical Journal, 2004.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.) recommends chiropractic care for both acute and chronic back pain patients.