Other Services:

helping correct posture

Many of us move in our daily tasks, for example sitting, standing, picking something up, in such a way that we continuously aggravate the pain that we may be experiencing, or we may predispose ourselves to injury. In order to speed recovery and to help strengthen the body from further injury, a series of graduated rehabilitation sessions are included within the treatment. Further dedicated rehabilitation may be deemed necessary for patients who have poor core stability, or injuries associated with particular activities or sports.
If dedicated rehabilitation is required a personalised chiropractic/sports therapist programme is created for each patient.

Support to Businesses
For a comprehensive tailor made service provided to Businesses, please refer to www.afwconsulting.co.uk.

Veterinary Chiropractic
For chiropractic treatment for both domestic pets, horses and farm animals please refer to www.petchiro.co.uk. Please note that permission of your Veterinary Surgeon is required prior to treatment.